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Baby belly shooting and family photos

For us as photographers, the wedding is just the beginning of a love-filled story. We often continue to accompany our bridal couples on their journey through life until they grow into a real family. We are always very happy when we can document the happiness of young parents and capture the ever-growing love between you and your little ones.

Pregnancy is a very special phase in a woman's life and it is also a formative time for the father-to-be. From the love of two people comes new life. A little miracle is growing. It is such a life-changing event that it deserves to be commemorated with beautiful photos.

Our family and pregnancy photo shoots usually take place outdoors in Vienna & Vienna surroundings. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice of location. If you are from Lower Austria, the Waldviertel or Burgenland, we will also be happy to travel there for you.

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