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Ivory Rose

If you like our image look and you value timeless imagery and  want to make your workflow and image editing easier, then our Lightroom Preset Pack is just that  right for you!

Achieve your desired image look with just a few clicks, which we have specially created over the years.

Your pictures get a touch of vintage. The timeless look is reminiscent of analogue films. Saturated colors, soft tones, natural & modern.



You won't get 20 different presets from us.

No! But only the only and true Ivory Rose Allround Preset.

This is available in two color versions - for Daylight & low light You also get our three favorite black and white filters.


Our presets come as a CxR file for your Mac/PC and as a Dng for your mobile device for Lightroom.

Lightroom filters

  • 1 daylight filter

  • 1 low light filter

  • 3 Black & White filters

  • for PC/Mac

  • as well as mobile version

  • installation Guide


incl. 20% VAT

After purchasing our preset, you will receive an email from us with the invoice within the next 24 hours.

After this has been paid, we will immediately send your presets to your email address as a download.

Thank you for your purchase!

let's buy it!

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