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Ivory Rose


Ivory Rose Photography - that's us, Polly Rola and Sophie Menegaldo. Ever since our paths in life crossed through our shared passion for photography and film, we laughed a lot, travelled, shared visions and worked on projects. Out of our friendship and shared passion came -- Ivory Rose.

After some time our team has grown and we are actively supported by Marcella, Kathi & Luca. As well as Alex our videographer.

With Ivory Rose Photography we share our love of storytelling, capturing unique moments, the genuine emotions of loved ones and the joy of friends and family to be part of it. 


We are enthusiastic about the big, the small, the distant and the near wedding celebrations. They are the creative expression of your love. We would like to capture them for you in a completely unadulterated and very careful way. Natural and candid wedding photography with a soft spot for fashion wedding vogue shots is our passion.

We prefer to work together, as a team, because we complement each other like pen and paper, clownfish and anemone, sparkle with ideas like the sparklers on your wedding cake and enjoy our job and the world of images that we create together.


What we like...

Traveling and discovering new things, walking barefoot through the sand, social responsibility, sustainability, the rays of the sun, walking through the forest in the rain, good food and colorful dishes, reading an exciting book, spending time with our friends and loved ones, our dogs & cats,  Conviviality and solidarity...

And of course weddings - which make up a significant part of our lives,  with all its emotional moments, colorful flowers, jimmy choos, crying fathers, sweet candy bars, dancing friends, laughing mothers, gorgeous brides, grooms moved to tears, devoted groomsmen, happy guests, champagne & diamonds, big fireworks and so much more.

kind words

"With Ivory Rose we have not only found TOP photographers, but also kind-hearted people who made our wedding an unforgettable day that we will remember for a lifetime, thanks to the wonderful photos."


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